Lemonis natural stones, a dynamic and growing company, is active in the primary quarrying of foam stone as well as in the marketing of a wide variety of natural stones. The company has state-of-the-art equipment and integrated facilities for the safe and sound extraction of natural stone, its processing and transportation by proprietary trucks, anywhere in Greece or abroad.

Natural stone of foam is available for raw materials for interior and exterior walls as well as processed, for the manufacture of various decorative objects such as taps, chapels, stairs, lids etc. The company undertakes the study and installation of outdoor and indoor stone, offering and modern design.

Lemonis Natural Stones undertakes the design, design, design of exterior spaces with inspiration and taste. Special constructions made of natural stone, irregular or squared, such as pergolas, ornaments, rock gardens, outdoor seating areas, trails, paving, floors.

Lemonis natural stones, offering the highest quality, reliability and competitive prices, focusing on satisfying even the most demanding customer requirements. High resistance to weather and cooling, low degree of disintegration, non-slip properties and high hardness are among the main advantages of natural stone.

Using natural irregular stone in ocher colors we gave the traditional architecture. Proper placement of the stone enhances the construction and perfectly harmonizes with the natural beauty of the site. Natural squared stone in ocher shades was used for lining exterior fencing walls as well as lining walls on church surfaces.

Applications of Afitos stone are limitless both indoors and outdoors and last for many years.